Monday, September 19, 2011

New focus.

I'm back from the Alchemy conference in L.A. with new inspiration. I realize that I'm not ignorant in these matters. I've lived a long time, I've experienced a lot and all this time I've tried to create my own framework of reference to understand my own process.
I've listened to a lot of good people with a lot to teach. Kathleen McGowan, the author, was there, showing me her parallell path to my own, with a lot more success to show for herself, which I can admire, or be envious of, according to which route I want to take. Dennis Hauck is always inspiring with his long and extencive personal dive in all subjects of Alchemy, from the mathematical theories, to the lab, to our spiritual progress. William Henry showed us how to build our own light body. Sonia Barrett gave us her crystal clear insight in the mechanics of evolution without any New Age Lite statements. She is profoundly honest and says unless you're willing to go into new places that are uncomfortable and difficult and willing to put your world view upside down, you're really just at your own favorite spa talking bumpersticker statements. Which I feel a lot of people are, including myself from time to time. Granted, there are things we need to heal, and for some that means finally finding some comfort after a harsh life. For some that means finding the last statements that are "in" and restate them in the right context.

To analyze my own belief system and challenge my own limitations, that's a challenge that requires some real thinking. I'm finding where I've been lazy, complacent, and seeking comfort because anything else have scared me. It's time to stop being scared.

Well, to pick up Gales challenge, what do I know? Why do I feel this pressure that it's time? Time for what? I feel like the white rabbit with the big watch in his hand who knows perfectly well that he's late, late for an important date. Oh, where's my favorite spa, I need an oilmassage. No? I am scheduled for a trip down the rabbit hole into unknown territory.

I watched Kathleen McGowan describe her traveling in France in the same places I've been, drawing the same conclusions. I watched her give a brilliant presentation of her work, of her dedication to Mary Magdalene and promoting her message. I listened to her describe her life, traveling, writing, giving lectures, and I almost cried. This is the life I wanted to live, the message I wanted to give. Where did I leave it off? Where did I lose track of my own mission? What happened along the way where I got distracted, got lazy, didn't go further, didn't attract the attention that I needed?
There aren't any answers to this. She deserves everything she has accomplished. She has worked hard, is an excellent writer and has excited her audience with new material that brings the message forward. Kudos to good work.
My work is different.

I have decided to start a mystery school. My friend Richard, who died in May, told me that I'm not a novelist, I'm a teacher. A young man at the Burning Man Festival I attended in 2008 told me the same thing. I've been trying to ignore the message I got. I guess it's time.

I want to teach what I know, what I've learned over a good long lifetime, from my studies, from my experience, from my children, from my granddaughters. But most of all from my guides. I've been in close contact with them for a long time. And they have gently told me the same thing.

In 1994 I was given a challenge. I was told that my work was to balance the relationship between the male and female forces of the planet. Everything I've done since then has been in preparation for taking on this work. Everything I've done has been doing this work.
I've studied it, I've experienced it at work, I've been in deep profound connection with it, I've learned what powers I'm dealing with and whatever I've done, Mary Magdalene has been close by watching over the process.

Now it's time to start teaching others.

The school will be called Mary Magdalene's Message. This blog will be the forum to start the school. I will available over a new email which I have established for this specific purpose. You will only recieve an email from me if you write to me on this email address first and request to be included on the mailing list. It will not be shared.

The previous entries on this blog will stay here. They show some of my own progress along the way, some of the signposts where realizations have occured.

The first lesson will be:

"Love is a force to be reckoned with".

It will appear here in this forum by Friday.

Welcome to a new journey.

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