Thursday, October 30, 2014

LIght, bright suns and warm glows.

I'm back in Chicago, my adopted home town. Love the fall weather, love the festivals of October, love my cool neighbors who has invited for a Halloween party.

MARY MAGDALENE is waiting for further exposure. With the latest jump in consciousness which the earth accomplished last week, she is ready to enter the scene. There has been much talk about the return of Christ Consciousness, which we all support, but included in that level of awareness is her consciousness as well. She represents the warm glow, whereas he represents the bright sunshine. He shows the way by illumination, she assures us that everything will be ok as we travel in the twilight zone of dawn and dusk. (This is where life is more interesting anyway) We need to be familiar with both ways of living and not be afraid of the dark when we have our own inner light to keep our existence enlightened.

Through all my studies, I have finally come to the conclusion that enlightenment is a physical process. Good deeds are good, loving thoughts are wonderful. But at some point you need to know the laws of physics that govern the way. As human beings, we are the only species in the universe that embodies both a concrete part and a spirit part. We are like stones who can think, and trees that can walk and talk. We are so dense, pun intended, and at the same time so ethereal. There is nothing like us. So if the point of creation is to evolve, we are the ones who can evolve the physical world. We are needed if all of physicality is going to be infused with light. They're counting on us. It's hard for angels to move a stone. But we can. And as we touch it we infuse it with our consciousness and when we meet that stone again, we can say hi. Ok, that's cornier than I intended, but I've found that the more evolved you get, the explanations are simpler and silly sayings become very profound. The closer you get to the Gods, the more they want you to laugh. Laughter and lighthearted playfulness becomes an expression of an enlightened being. Love it.

How much light can your body hold? How open are your cells for holding photons of light? Watch the light streaming OUT of your body in the dark. Close your eyes, and see your insides light up. This is the meaning of enlightenment. Physical light, we know it is both vibration and particle, actual photons floating inside your cells, beaming out through you creating halos around your head. If frequencies are what we're working with, than all our emotions are like radio stations we are tuned to. Anger is a pretty rough, low numbered frequency. We can tune to another station. Love is a force in the universe. Not the mushy stuff we call romantic love. Love is a frequency that vibrates as the glue of creation. It is more harmonious than any other vibe and works with anything synchronizing it into a better functioning whatever-it-is.

I am laughing at my own words. Usually I have much more of an organized, laid out, scientific approach to this subject. But today I want to laugh. I want it to sound silly. Right now that works splendidly for me. If it works for you, laugh with me.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Secrets in Sacred Stone - Viking, Kelt and Catharr.

It's time. I'm returning to Norway for the summer, for three glorious months filled with family gatherings, fish and white wine, and a pilgrimage to find the footprints of the heroes of my next book. I've started on my next big project, another substantial historical novel. I'm going a thousand years forward in time from the teachings of Yeshua and Mariam, looking for what happened to the body of knowledge they shared with their people.

This brings me to 1015, to the time of the Vikings, the time of the Keltic Church and the time of the Cathars when they were the strongest. And the time when they all were in conflict with the church of Rome.

This has become a lonely footnote in the history books. The Keltic Church was the first early church, established by Yeshua and his family in the first century AD. The church of Rome didn't come into existence until after 325AD, when Constantin declared Christianity to be the official religion of Rome. It became the continuation of the Roman Empire and was declared the Holy Roman Empire under Charlemagne in year 800AD.

The Keltic monks knew that their time was short before the powerful and military strong bishops ordained by Rome would take over their islands far west. It was time to come up with a plan. They knew how to anchor wisdom into stone. They decided to move their knowledge to a place where it would take a long time for the catholic church to find a foothold. They chose a place with ample mountains and stones to anchor their faith. 1000 stave churches, dragon power points, were built in Norway over 200 years. Saints were established and buried in strategic places to form a geometric figure across the land. Bishop Grimkjell knew what he was doing. It had been planned by bishops and monks for several hundred years already.

Chretien Trencavel, a cathar from Carcassonne is sent to Rouen by his grandfather to get him safely out of their territory. He befriends a young Viking warrior who claims he will be king. When Carcassonne is attacked, he willingly goes with his new friend on adventures he could never have dreamed up.

Olav, the brave young Viking, appreciates his new friend, especially one who can handle a sword with grace and strength. They get baptized in Rouen and are ready to sail to England and then his homeland of Norway, where he will find support and claim his birth right as king.

Rane, Olav's foster father and steadfast pillar of strength and wisdom, knows the auspicious signs of Olav's birth. Following a vision, Rane went to the hill where Olav's ancestor was buried sitting upright inside. He took the sword and the belt from the grave and brought them to the mother, who was in hardship giving birth. Placing the items near her, the child is born, and is given the sword and ring as gifts signifying the important birth.

I've planned a pilgrimage with Dan where we'll visit the farm of Chretien, who took the name Ketil Kalv. We will go to Nidaros where Olav was buried, and to Selja where Grimkjell's monks established the first monastery. We will find the center of the pentagram that covers the southern part of the country, making it vibrate with the wisdom taught so long ago by Yeshua and Mariam.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The historical Mary Magdalene.

It's spring and the world is again bursting forth with new possibilities.

I just did a lecture on Mary Magdalene's Message at Unity in Chicago. It will soon be up on U-Tube. I find that people are interested in her story as an influential person in history, people want to have the circulating stories either debunked or affirmed. Then they want to know what she was teaching her groups of people in France, in the colonies they established in Ireland and England, and what she and Jesus were teaching before they had to escape from Jerusalem in fear of their lives.

Historically speaking:

She was most likely married to Jesus. A rabbi at the time would be expected to be married, there were many duties that could only be performed by the wife, and if Jesus was unmarried he would not have been respected. It would have been mentioned somewhere. Also, the wife was the only one who would be allowed to tend his body after the crucifixion, and Mary Magdalene laid him in the tomb. Did she stay with him through the night? Maybe. 100 lb. of aloe vera were brought to the tomb. Aloe vera is usually used to heal skin wounds, and certainly not to prepare for death. Maybe she prepared his body, not for death, but for further life.

She was a priestess. In the Bible, she is present at all the rituals. She poured the oil over his head anointing him as king. She anointed his feet at the last supper. She stood next to him during the crucifixion. Did she administer the herbs in the sponge that was given to him? The herbs that most likely made him unconscious and made him appear dead? The Romans were willing to take him down after only some hours of the day. Even Pilate was surprised at how short of a time it took. His bones were not broken. He could have survived. He was well taken care of in the capable hands of the most powerful priestess, his wife.

In Provence there are legends about her arriving with an attendant. Was it her daughter, her sister, her servant? Sarah is being honored there as the champion of the gypsies. There are legends in England about the three children; Sarah, Jesus and Joseph. They all were educated like their parents and became the "branches" on the "vine", of the family tree.

Read the book for the real stories.

Coming out with new title: Rituals in Sacred Stone, Mary Magdalene's message of self empowerment.

I'll continue presenting her teachings in the next entry.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

At the beginning of a new year.

Written on the first day of this new year, January 1st 2014.

This new year, this new day, feels like the bubbles of the champagne I drank last night bursting in sparkling units of new life bathed in love and joy. I have never experienced this level of a sense of NEWBORN at the beginning of a new year before.
The astrologers say we're in a rare alignment of many important planets forming a giant cross in the sky. We haven't had anything similar to this since the sixties. This is a generational occurrence giving gravitas to this auspicious moment.
What do I see? I saw myself, no, I see out of the eyes of the wounded king who raises his head to look out of the window at his frozen kingdom. As he looks out, the ice melts and the ships in the harbor of his city can move again. The frozen world bursts to life, commerce starts up and the city bubbles with culture and prosperity.
Then I see the places where I've been doing ceremonies. The circle at Contemplation Point lifts up from the ground and circles in the air spreading good intentions for new life.
The diamond at Rosehill lifts up and shakes new vibration into all the genetic material present there.
The globe in the center of Unity hangs there with all the geography, water and land visible, including the local weather patterns, receiving the well wishes from the congregation.
The city of Chicago is blanketed in fresh white, powdery snow saying HUSH HUSH, calming everything down, calming down an unruly child until he laughs and makes spitballs in excitement and joy.

An auspicious NEW YEAR indeed.

All through 2013 I felt as if I was in a holding pattern. All I started received a wait ..., wait for it ..., hold that thought ... . I haven't even written anything significant this year. I did publish the book though, after months of editing.

What do I see in 2014?

I see new possibilities, new opportunities coming to me. I see recognition, I see success. I see money coming my way. I see travels and meetings with important people.
I see myself bursting out of what I am now and into a whole new form of living.
I see myself writing the next big book and the next little book. And editing the play - and making them all into TV-shows and movies.

I see myself stay in L.A. for a while and then drive north ... to Eugene and visit my grand daughters. I see myself traveling in Norway ... and in Normandy, traveling alone to do research and to experience the book, the people, the places they walked and worked ... Nidaros, Achen, Rouen, Ireland.

The feeling of this new year is of a newborn baby's skin, soft glowing, bursting with potential life, still at peace and in no hurry to get into it all, just savoring the sensation of sunrise. This feeling, this sensation of being in the first day of a brand new year
is like being in meditation
living in a golden glow
hearing the sound of the UNIVERSE
feeling the heart of the COSMOS
beating steadily, lovingly
pulsing new life into creation

the flavor is peach in my mouth
with the color of peachy pink
surrounding me

The day is staring at me with
happy baby eyes, laughing at me
dressed in light yellow
on a soft pink background

There is no need to ask why this day feels so good. It doesn't need to explain itself. I just need to allow it to enfold me, surround me and give me this blissful feeling of that everything is good. All will unfold just the way it optimally will.
All I need to do right now is to enjoy and go with this new consciousness and allow myself to transcend.