Thursday, October 30, 2014

LIght, bright suns and warm glows.

I'm back in Chicago, my adopted home town. Love the fall weather, love the festivals of October, love my cool neighbors who has invited for a Halloween party.

MARY MAGDALENE is waiting for further exposure. With the latest jump in consciousness which the earth accomplished last week, she is ready to enter the scene. There has been much talk about the return of Christ Consciousness, which we all support, but included in that level of awareness is her consciousness as well. She represents the warm glow, whereas he represents the bright sunshine. He shows the way by illumination, she assures us that everything will be ok as we travel in the twilight zone of dawn and dusk. (This is where life is more interesting anyway) We need to be familiar with both ways of living and not be afraid of the dark when we have our own inner light to keep our existence enlightened.

Through all my studies, I have finally come to the conclusion that enlightenment is a physical process. Good deeds are good, loving thoughts are wonderful. But at some point you need to know the laws of physics that govern the way. As human beings, we are the only species in the universe that embodies both a concrete part and a spirit part. We are like stones who can think, and trees that can walk and talk. We are so dense, pun intended, and at the same time so ethereal. There is nothing like us. So if the point of creation is to evolve, we are the ones who can evolve the physical world. We are needed if all of physicality is going to be infused with light. They're counting on us. It's hard for angels to move a stone. But we can. And as we touch it we infuse it with our consciousness and when we meet that stone again, we can say hi. Ok, that's cornier than I intended, but I've found that the more evolved you get, the explanations are simpler and silly sayings become very profound. The closer you get to the Gods, the more they want you to laugh. Laughter and lighthearted playfulness becomes an expression of an enlightened being. Love it.

How much light can your body hold? How open are your cells for holding photons of light? Watch the light streaming OUT of your body in the dark. Close your eyes, and see your insides light up. This is the meaning of enlightenment. Physical light, we know it is both vibration and particle, actual photons floating inside your cells, beaming out through you creating halos around your head. If frequencies are what we're working with, than all our emotions are like radio stations we are tuned to. Anger is a pretty rough, low numbered frequency. We can tune to another station. Love is a force in the universe. Not the mushy stuff we call romantic love. Love is a frequency that vibrates as the glue of creation. It is more harmonious than any other vibe and works with anything synchronizing it into a better functioning whatever-it-is.

I am laughing at my own words. Usually I have much more of an organized, laid out, scientific approach to this subject. But today I want to laugh. I want it to sound silly. Right now that works splendidly for me. If it works for you, laugh with me.