Thursday, August 1, 2013


Dear readers and followers,

I've been away from my blog for a while, have needed some time to chill. The sale of the book is going better from my car than from Amazon, but I have several things on the go to improve the situation.

What has she taught me over the summer? I'm always in an open space to come to further understanding. And what has really become crystal clear to me is that we live from our intention. How we think is how we live. And the more you can include everything around you as an expression of you, and love it weather you like it or not, the more you can shift things to the better.
I'm also understanding better the purpose of ritual. To take an object and say that it carries this meaning, and place it in a meaningful context, and then imbue it with intention, builds power. It builds personal power and it gives you an opportunity to affect the physical world.
The physical world is so much more than hard things. Everything vibrates according to it's own frequency and that vibrational field creates the objects we experience. We understand this more now since we can talk about microwaves, electricity and the internet. We have developed our own metaphors to understand this better. And we can now talk about the different parts of our inner life and give it definition. Our intentions, our emotions, our thoughts, our intuition felt deep inside our body, are all aspects of our inner life which we can talk about and relate to. And now we also understand that all these modalities of thought effect everything around us.

I know the phrase "we create our own reality" is a household concept. But do we really know the physical properties of why this is true? Do we understand that all is frequency and our thoughts carry a tremendous power that changes the frequencies of everything else? It is time for this to be crystal clear and that we own every intentional frequency we send out and make sure it is coated in love. That was their message. It's time that we live it.