Friday, September 23, 2011

Love is a force to be reckoned with.

The message of Jesus and Mary Magdalene was love. Jesus introduced the new age of the Pisces with a new logo; Love is a force in the universe. It put the previous belief system on its head. Social justice was being replaced with compassion, a radical view in his time.

It is still a radical view. We're still practicing the importance of social justice, even to the point of invading another sovereign country or suing for minor offences. Jesus taught forgiveness and inclusivity, but it seems like the people who announce their religious fervor the strongest are the least forgiving or inclusive. I'll let that be a case for their own conscience to consider.

The church has over time taught us that being meak and humble was a sign of love, only to use it to create good sheep for their flocks who were easier to control. Physical love was called sin to create an over reaching guilt over a natural need for closeness. This was a very effective way of taking the teachings of Christ, turning them upside down and establish the hegemony of the church.

Having studied the Cathars, the Gnostics and the early church, I've found that the true teachings of Christ and his main disciple who continued teaching after he left us, Mary Magdalene, taught love from a different perspective. They taught purity of body, mind and spirit, so that the love you sent out would be more powerful. They taught that physical love between husband and wife in the bridal chamber led to union with God. (Now, love is love, and husband and wife refers to male and female forces, which are present in any combination of lovers). They found that love sent out as a loving field would diffuse a conflict, would provide protection, would create a field of inclusion in a community.

We can talk about romantic love, forgiving love that turns the other cheek, paralyzing humility taught as love, parental love, love between friends, etc. All these topics deserve their own chapter. What Jesus talked about was different.
Together they taught the idea of Love as a forcefield in the Universe. Love is a forcefield we can tap into and send through ourselves and direct towards a situation. It does require humility, a loss of ego, and pure intentions, but once you get the mechanics, it's a force with great power.
Love becomes less personalized. You don't have to love the person or the situation, justifying why you love them, or even like them. You generate a field of love, because anything in creation is made of Gods love, and you need to infuse the situation with more of it. If you have a conflicted situation, it is because love has been removed from it, so to calm it down, you reintroduce it.

This is an active use of the force of love. It is not like romantic love or parental love, which acts upon you, or love in response to kindness. This is a way of establishing yourself in the field of love, knowing how it works and then utilizing it as forcefield in your surroundings.

I'd like to give you an example. I was standing at a trainstation in Chicago at 2am. There was a group of young men waiting for a train as well, and I positioned myself some distance from them. I am generally not afraid of people, but I have great respect for the effect of group mentality, so I looked in a different direction and found a more stable footing in my boots. One of the men came towards me and said something. He was so dark he almost disappeared in the night sky. His face told me he hadn't met much kindness in his life. I thought that this could turn into a not so good situation. What could I do? I smiled my most polite and welcoming smile as I turned towards him, still very much on the alert. He was perplexed and said, "Aren't you afraid of me?" This was my chance. I assembled all the love I could attract from my surroundings and showered him with it, as I said slowly and in my most reassuring and gentle voice, "No, I'm not afraid of you." I stood there, smiling and holding the lovefield, as I watched the other young men observe the situation. The young man in front of me was bewildered for a moment. Then he drank in the lovefield like a thirsty camel who had been in the desert for too long.
The train arrived. He sat down next to me and leaned his head on my shoulder. During the ride I managed to switch sides with him, so I sat on the aisle side. I waited until my stop, and left quickly to catch my corresponding train. On the next train, another passenger who had seen the entire passage of events said to me, "It was a brave thing you did there." I noticed that a couple of other men on board seemed to have observed what was going on as well. They were ready to intervene to prevent anything from happening, to protect the young man from doing something stupid and to protect me from a situation I possibly could not handle. I felt that I had stepped into a protection field I had no idea existed. All because I decided to respond with love instead of fear. And to my surprise, I discovered how powerful, inclusive and protective it was.

This entry is an introduction to a wide topic. In the following blog entries we will discuss how to infuse yourself in the existing field of love of creation, the laws of physics that govern this work and how to use human intent and imagination to wield the force.

Monday, September 19, 2011

New focus.

I'm back from the Alchemy conference in L.A. with new inspiration. I realize that I'm not ignorant in these matters. I've lived a long time, I've experienced a lot and all this time I've tried to create my own framework of reference to understand my own process.
I've listened to a lot of good people with a lot to teach. Kathleen McGowan, the author, was there, showing me her parallell path to my own, with a lot more success to show for herself, which I can admire, or be envious of, according to which route I want to take. Dennis Hauck is always inspiring with his long and extencive personal dive in all subjects of Alchemy, from the mathematical theories, to the lab, to our spiritual progress. William Henry showed us how to build our own light body. Sonia Barrett gave us her crystal clear insight in the mechanics of evolution without any New Age Lite statements. She is profoundly honest and says unless you're willing to go into new places that are uncomfortable and difficult and willing to put your world view upside down, you're really just at your own favorite spa talking bumpersticker statements. Which I feel a lot of people are, including myself from time to time. Granted, there are things we need to heal, and for some that means finally finding some comfort after a harsh life. For some that means finding the last statements that are "in" and restate them in the right context.

To analyze my own belief system and challenge my own limitations, that's a challenge that requires some real thinking. I'm finding where I've been lazy, complacent, and seeking comfort because anything else have scared me. It's time to stop being scared.

Well, to pick up Gales challenge, what do I know? Why do I feel this pressure that it's time? Time for what? I feel like the white rabbit with the big watch in his hand who knows perfectly well that he's late, late for an important date. Oh, where's my favorite spa, I need an oilmassage. No? I am scheduled for a trip down the rabbit hole into unknown territory.

I watched Kathleen McGowan describe her traveling in France in the same places I've been, drawing the same conclusions. I watched her give a brilliant presentation of her work, of her dedication to Mary Magdalene and promoting her message. I listened to her describe her life, traveling, writing, giving lectures, and I almost cried. This is the life I wanted to live, the message I wanted to give. Where did I leave it off? Where did I lose track of my own mission? What happened along the way where I got distracted, got lazy, didn't go further, didn't attract the attention that I needed?
There aren't any answers to this. She deserves everything she has accomplished. She has worked hard, is an excellent writer and has excited her audience with new material that brings the message forward. Kudos to good work.
My work is different.

I have decided to start a mystery school. My friend Richard, who died in May, told me that I'm not a novelist, I'm a teacher. A young man at the Burning Man Festival I attended in 2008 told me the same thing. I've been trying to ignore the message I got. I guess it's time.

I want to teach what I know, what I've learned over a good long lifetime, from my studies, from my experience, from my children, from my granddaughters. But most of all from my guides. I've been in close contact with them for a long time. And they have gently told me the same thing.

In 1994 I was given a challenge. I was told that my work was to balance the relationship between the male and female forces of the planet. Everything I've done since then has been in preparation for taking on this work. Everything I've done has been doing this work.
I've studied it, I've experienced it at work, I've been in deep profound connection with it, I've learned what powers I'm dealing with and whatever I've done, Mary Magdalene has been close by watching over the process.

Now it's time to start teaching others.

The school will be called Mary Magdalene's Message. This blog will be the forum to start the school. I will available over a new email which I have established for this specific purpose. You will only recieve an email from me if you write to me on this email address first and request to be included on the mailing list. It will not be shared.

The previous entries on this blog will stay here. They show some of my own progress along the way, some of the signposts where realizations have occured.

The first lesson will be:

"Love is a force to be reckoned with".

It will appear here in this forum by Friday.

Welcome to a new journey.

Monday, June 20, 2011

I attended a webinar Sunday which gave me an enormous energy down load.

At first I didn't even sense the energy field we were working with and Simeon's information was filling out things I was familiar with. This field was extremely subtle, but when I invited it into my body, it filled me with a gentle, loving, healing smoke.

I am still trying to understand the mechanics of how this works.
It seems like the "gods" need to anchor their vibration into physical matter. They can only do this with humans, since we are the connection point between spirit and matter. And they can only go through us if we volunteer for the process.

The energy field that they need to anchor is hard for them to explain in terms that we would understand. They try their best, but if they told us how powerful and important this actually is, we would be afraid and run and hide. So they treat us like scared lion cubs, who have all the potential power of a full grown lion, but who have no idea of who they are.

So I am present through all the initiatory time where I feel as if I'm being calibrated to recieve the full load of what comes later. What we talk about is good, but the most important thing is that we are present and open to being informed.
When we open for meditation, and I freely invite the "gods" to use my vehicle, I feel their field flow through me from my head to the bottom of my spine. They connect with the spark of God I carry inside and let the new vibration spread through my electronic system, my meridians, my chacras and my tissues, bones and muscles. I feel their love for me connect with my love for creation and expand to vibrate in each cell of my body. Light is permeating through my whole system.

After the meditation, download, is over, I need to rest. This time I slept for two hours. I wake up, still seeing light behind my eyelids and shadows of light in the room.

Today I still feel drunk on spirit. I use the techniques I have for grounding energies, and wonder if I really want to. This state of consciousness is very pleasant, as long as you don't have anything you need to do that day. Daily life takes on as much importance as moving stones from here to there and back again. What is important is to keep this state of consciousness long enough for it to affect my environment, my neighborhood, my city. I tell myself this as I connect with Gaia at the center of the earth with a light beam and feel her create a cone shaped field aimed back at me. Light through stone. Spirit through matter. Golden lightfilled bodies vibrating love.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I just got back from a trip to the South West with Dan. We started in Las Vegas, a place where amazing architecture and environments are all man made, on our trip to the canyons that are 5 million years old showing us the artwork of God and Nature over time.
We went to Zion, Bryce and Escalante national parks, all located along the same stretch of highway in southern Utah, but oh so different. In Zion we stayed at the lodge inside the park, hiked up lovely paths along rivers and waterfalls feeling our boots on the work of the CCC of the depression in the thirties. What an idea for rescuing the economy: putting people to work for the national parks building access for everybody to these landmarks.
Looking at the lines in the stones, showing the works of earthquakes and vulcanoes millions of years ago and the steady grinding of rivers over thousands of years, makes the fundamentalists claim that the world is 5,200 years old blow away in the wind. The mountains tell their own story. Their agelines compete with the ones of the trees telling us that whatever we do, however many short sighted ideas we come up with resulting in tremendous destruction, earth will just shake us off and continue. We might make ourselves extinct, but this planet will go on continuing her artwork.