Sunday, November 23, 2008

This blog carries Her name. I have been covering some other topics, promoting some books that are important to me, and I feel it's time to get back to the main reason I started this blog in the first place.

Throughout my research for the novel about her life, "Rituals in Sacred Stone", which I'm hoping to make available next spring, I immersed myself in her time frame. To my amazement, I found myself surrounded by a profound understanding of the balance between the masculine and feminine presence in everything in creation. At her time, the mystery schools were in function, promoting knowledge that has since been erased from the surface of the earth and from the collective unconscious.

The mystery schools would make sure the regular public were reminded several times a year of the presence of the Goddess and the God and that their union was necessary for all growth in nature. They would show them that on every eighth winter solstice the star of Venus and the Sun would unite in one momentous bright light, signalling a new conception, a new era. The stories of Isis and Osiris would be enacted at the festivals, conceptualizing life, death, resurrection and rebirth, and anchoring that as truths. The Priest/King represented the relationship between the people and the gods, and the Priestess/Queen represented the people and their land. Watching them unite in holy union told the people that all was well with their world. The power of unity had been restored between the land and their Gods, all was well. The sexual act had once again honored the Gods and ensured balance in nature. Lovers would feel they were honoring the Gods as well, by repeating what they'd seen done as a ritual. Arousal was seen as a way to enhance your life force, the life force in nature and on the planet.

In our time, we're a far cry from seeing sexuality as a way of honoring the Gods. But then again, I run across something like this, and I realize there is hope. And that the Gods have a tremendous sense of humor.

There is a reason why I had to promote Kamala and Dez's book. There is a reason why I wrote "Sex on the Altar" and why I'm working on the second volume; "Sex in the Crypt". I believe Mary Magdalene was well versed in this subject. Both in the physical sense with her beloved, but also as a concept guarding nature and the balance in creation.

We are being presented with a big challenge from the Universe at Large. Earth is lagging behind, and it's time we got our act together. (Pun intended). The rest of the Galaxy is tired of watching us stumble around in our self imposed ignorance, insisting self righteously on our right to stay uninformed and refusing to take on responsibilities. The time is now, and it's urgent.

At the same time as I can scold humanity for claiming their right to stay in infancy, I also see multiple proof that we're growing up. There is work being done to balance the Earth and earn our membership in the Galaxy as mature members.

This is work done in Her name. This is work which is so basic, so hugely important and at the same so subtle, it is hard to get a grip on and even harder to implement. To bring the Earth back to balance is no small task. It takes on many forms, all expression of more love for our planet and the creation we're all part of.

The message I get from Her, from Mary Magdalene, who's voice has been guiding my work for quite some time, is a call for us to assist in the rebirth of the feminine from the center of the earth. Out of the earth herself, comes the feminine of creation, who has been hiding, and who can blame her, for thousands of years. She's looking for her husband, her bridegroom, her man, and is hoping to find a more mature and loving version of him than the one who watched with eyes of steel as she turned into stone a long time ago.

We have suffered under immature images of both archetypes. Neither have shown us their grown up side. Where could we look to find something to emulate, an ideal to look up to?

Well, since the ideals are missing, we have to try to grow up ourselves. We need to find the expressions of the more mature person, the more mature inner feminine and masculine, and then we have to marry the two.

I see Mary Magdalene nodding her head. Yes, marry the two. They've hated each other for so long, bring them to love. She's been petrified, literally become rocks and mountains, and he's wondered where she went and not understood why he's alone. Creation has been without a mother, and the father didn't think it was his job to take care of it, so the garden of creation has turned into a jungle of despair. It's time for the parents to take care of their lost children, weed the garden, mend their buildings and replant some fruit trees. But first they have to get along.

Can I suggest a time for courtship? The art of flirting needs to be reinstated. How about some romantic dinners at candle lit tables, exchanging compliments and sincere admiration? How would that be for our lost archetypes, who are starting over after a long and painful separation?

How about giving them some hints of how to go from flirting to touching each other? If our two inner heroes are going to get married, they might want to be a little more familiar with each other, don't you think? I can see them stretching out a hand and touching a soft cheek, following a round shoulder and discovering that skin speaks. It speaks volumes, when all you do is breathe and love.

I wish our two inner heroes well. I know we'll have many internal weddings this coming year. And I know She will be thrilled, and so will her chosen One. I can hear Him laugh in delight.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

I was recently told that we're in a special portal of time where we communicate easier with the higher powers. It's a portal where it's important to acknowledge our close relationship and allow them to speak to us. "Please grab a pencil and some paper and write down their message". With a twinge of scepticism, I can't deny it, I'm not of the mushy kind, I gathered what I needed and sat down.

They were so gentle. Speaking to me the way I address a small child, "Hello, little one". Most of what they said was acknowledgements of the journey I've already traveled. And some lovely encouragement of where I'm going. Where we all are going. They're telling us that the balance has shifted. Light is winning over dark. They can see it from their level, and they're thanking us for our dedicated work. It's quite colorful, especially when we create our own internal fireworks.

My first book out is about healing. We need to elevate the understanding of our bodies, evolve the language of sensuality, and bring our lovemaking to the level of sanctity. Sexuality has to return to the Temples for the global healing to take place. There is so much healing waiting to happen in this enormous field of understanding. And there are so many good people, wanting to show their love for the Divine in the Human and the Human in the Divine, working to heal the planet we live on.

I just discovered this beautiful book that is dedicated to bring this change about. Our bedrooms need to become our sanctuaries. Our holy places need to include our most universal body language. Right now it is offered with many extra bonuses, which are worth checking out. Here's the link:

My friend Lakshmi gets the credit for this one. The book is written by Kamala Devi and Baba Dez Nichols and called "Sacred Sexual Healing; The Shaman Method of Sex Magic". The balance we're working towards is coming towards us, the new expression of the masculine and feminine in their divine form is becoming tangible.

This is what the gods wanted me to continue to promote. This is my work, whether I'm writing fairytales for grownups, historical novels or plays. The God and Goddess are finding each other. They're flirting in the forest at this point. We still need to ready the garden for them.