Friday, March 8, 2013

The book is launched!

It's here!

The long awaited historical novel I've been working on for seven years. It is available on Amazon, and a click away on the image of the front cover.

For a couple of days I've felt like a mother holding her newborn, panting after a long delivery. I've been holding the book in my hand, admiring it's weight and size and allowing the front cover to to stare at me.

Balboa Press did a great job designing the front and the interior. I was envisioning a much more elaborate picture, but they suggested a more austere, simple photo where the viewer is emerging from a cave. That seems fitting for the story about this fascinating woman who have been not only covered in historic dust, but actively suppressed for close to two thousand years. Let us find our way together with her out of the cave, out of the darkness of the interiors of the earth. The story about her, the story about the suppressed feminine, need to find it's way into the sunshine, and it needs our feet to walk on.

My book takes place in Alexandria, in Jerusalem and in Southern France in their time frame. She did hide her true identity to be safe, even then, but that was by choice. According to my research, the mystery schools were in their last chapters, and the priestesses knew that their knowledge would have to be hidden to be preserved. The desert sand flew over and covered the temples, but the very stones of their buildings remember and still vibrate with their frequency.

I can't claim truth, but I can claim an interpretation based on good research, good intuition for connecting the dots of history, and personal experience from walking the sand and touching the stones where she traveled.

As I dived into this story, it did not follow the scriptures. It did not want to include every mention of her in the gospels. Instead, it wanted me to write about the intense political arena they lived in. It wanted every ritual she performed described. It focused on the profound effect she had on the development of consciousness on the earth, as she worked with the Gods behind the scenes of what was apparent. I had to feel what she experienced so I could go into the interior process of how she moved energy. It wasn't always comfortable. I was at a loss for antique sounding words for energy work, and figured that they would have had proper phrases in Aramaic and forgive my translation into modern English.

Describing how the process of enlightenment works inside your body had it's effect on me. I had to become familiar with all the ways this is described in mythology, in symbology, in stories that are found in all cultures. Giving justice to this natural process made me humble. I had to find and understand this magnificent possibility inherent in human flesh. It is our invitation as we incarnate in these incredible bodily structures that are capable of so much more than we realize.

We've learned. We've advanced, and we've forgotten. It is time to walk out of the cave. It's time to brush some dust off the desert stones and listen.

Today, March 8th, there is a celebration at the Tor in Glastonbury. It celebrates the Magdalene Stareeds now being dispersed over the earth. Read more about it here.

It seems like there is an awakening taking place across the globe. This is an awakening to partnership, to finding the balance between everything that appear as opposites. This is the balance we want to find inside every human being, the harmony inside when all of parts of you sing the same song.

Next entry will be about the process I discovered. I promise.