Sunday, May 9, 2010

I just heard an interview of Kathleen McGowan by William Henry. She wrote "The Expected One", "The Book of Love" and is now coming out with "The Poet Prince". I admire her writing tremendously, both because they are wellplotted and exciting reads, but also for what she promotes. She is also writing Mary Magdalene's message. I admire her research and her courage to find connections and propose difficult controversial questions. Kathleen McGowan inspires me to contiue my own work.

Where am I now in my own research? Amongst a kitchen renovation, my good man on crutches, my aunt in the nursing home and the planning of a wedding, I'm reading alchemy. Or solving soduko puzzles. I'm also finding that I'm not called to write right now, I'm called to get my reality in order.

So all I can say I'm doing is surrendering to my situation, and picking up a broom.

This must be a stage in the develpment of a patient soul.
And I guess I need some work here.
I have another patient soul next to me, and he wants to marry me on June 26th.

We are planning a wedding ceremony on top of a labyrinth. This powerful pattern has been part of our life together, and was where we met in the first place. We have built many labyrinths together, and walked even more in many interesting places. Dan and I spent five days in Chartres in 2007, studying the ancient labyrinth from 1201 before I went on my pilgrimage in Southern France looking for her footprints. And because I had already steeped myself in the effect of this powerful symbol, I found her.

I found her and I found her husband. I found the AND between them. After that incredible journey I could never talk to just one of them. I always meet the two of them together, in the spiritual partnership they promoted and achieved. That was at the center of their teaching. And the Cathars continued this wisdom. No wonder the church didn't like them. No wonder this has always been called the worst of heresies.

The spiritual partnership in a husband and wife team is powerful. It promotes health and independence. It acknowledges the importance of both genders and see the powers of God expemplified in the forces of masculine and feminine in their union.

Mariam and Yeshua were teachers of a spiritual technology we know little of today. Intuitively I can see a field of science not yet explored. It starts with human consiousness, human intention and imagination, and uses that as a force field to create.