Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm in Norway!

My pilgrimage is taking me to Norway. My manuscript about Mary Magdalene is complete. I need an agent, a publisher and a publisist. I trust that the Universe, which has provided well for me so far, will present this support system to me as well. I'm now onto my next project.

You might wonder why there are nine months since my last entry. I celebrated Christmas in Hawaii with my son, Sebastian, and his family, celebrating the birth of my second grand child. In January we were involved in a car accident where I was badly harmed. Everybody else escaped with minor scrapes. I spent a month in hospitals and rehab in Honolulu with several broken bones and a broken neck. My biggest worry was weather I would be able to write again. Gradually I regained my abilities, and can now function fairly normally. I've gained an inch in height! That's good. But it's only on my left side. That's a problem. So I'm here in Norway recieving some physical therapy and orthopedic evaluation. Socialized medicine is the only way to go in our time.

After I stopped taking heavy duty pain pills, I found that my head still functions, and I can still read. Also, I have another project begging for my attention. I've been wanting to start my next trilogy. I want to go forward in time and see what happened to 'Mary Magdalene's Message' a thousand years later. Whom did she teach? Who remembered? Who claimed to own the heritage Yeshua and Mariam left behind? Where do I start looking for information?

I've started digging. And as usual, the story takes me in a different direction than what I expected. I looked for the secret teachings of the Cathars. I looked for the secret rituals of the Temple Knights. I looked for why the Merovingian kings of France claimed divine right to the throne. Most of the information you can find about these people is in the forced confessions their enemies have tortured out of them. What I find are some contorted descriptions hissed in agony. The descriptions of these people are also presented in in a negative way. And the only scriptures about them are from their accusers, which mostly amounts to the catholic church. Ack. They're still not scoring high in my book.

I decided to try another route. The pentagram around Rennes-le-Chateau has been described beautifully by Henry Lincoln. His next project was on Bornholm, a Danish island between Denmark and Sweeden. There are 12 churches on this tiny place, and they also form a complicated geometric pattern. Who put this much effort into placement of little stone churches and why? The next book that I ran across talks abou the pentagram of Norway! Now they had my attention.

It turns out that the placement of holy sites in Norway in a threehundred year long program, was to establish a geometric pattern for people's worship. So if all the people in the churches that formed a rightangled triangle went to church on sunday and sung their hymns at the same time, the sound would resonate in the land itself. It would tune the mountains, since the sounds would reverberate in lines and angles that related to eachother and would richochet across the landscape. Are you still with me?

Now this was too wild to pass up. I had to check this out. So Dan and I drove over the singing mountains of Jotunheimen to Bergen, looking for stavechurches. We found Borgund, which showed me a lot. Later I went over Dovre mountain to Trondheim, searching for the sainted king Olav. And I found him.

Norway, the country of my birth, holds some interesting secrets of it's own. I'm still walking in the path of Mary Magdalene. I'm still a pilgrim. And as long as I stay open, there is no end to where the Universe is taking me.