Sunday, October 7, 2012

New historical novel; "Rituals in Sacred Stone".

I've taken a big step forward. I'm going to publish her book. This is a manuscript I've had as a work in progress for seven years. I've wanted to give birth to this baby, but haven't been able to, haven't had the urge, haven't wanted to part with her, haven't felt she or I was ready.

Well, all that has changed. The time is right. This story needs to be out among people.

I'm working with Balboa Press, part of Hay House, to publish my historical novel "Rituals in Sacres Stone". Hopefully it will be out by Christmas. This is the story of the life of Mary Magdalene interpreted after I submerged myself in the world of Egypt, Judea and Gallia 2000 years ago. I started by studying church history from I was very young, looking for scriptures outside of the Bible. It took many decades before more useful information became available. Over the last twenty years or so, a lot of great research has been published. Notable authors like Henry Lincoln, Laurence Gardner, Graham Hancock, William Henry, Philip Gardiner, Elaine Pagels and Karen King have done academic research that caught the public attention and couldn't be ignored. There is now a body of material about Jesus as an historical figure that is accepted next to the Jesus presented by the church.

I've read everything I could get my hands on that had even the remotes connection to Mary Magdalene and her time. I've studied the most obscure hypothesis and the most grounded statements about the Roman Empire. Along with that, I've measured what I've learned with my own physical experiences. I learned to meditate at the age of nineteen which changed my life and stayed with me as a daily focus. Coming from a country with a small population and a lot of forests and fjords, my connection with nature was developed at an early age. Having given birth to four children made me very aware of the functions of my own female body. Studying human self discovery brought me to the conclusion that enlightenment is a very physical job. Studying alchemy taught me how.

With this packaged background, I went to France to follow her footsteps. I walked the footpaths along some mountains, I found castles, cathedrals and grottos that claimed a connection with Mary Magdalene. In Provence I had a profound experience in a crypt which displayed her skull.

Only then could I write her story.

My late friend Richard claimed that this was channeled material when he edited the book. I'm honored to be chosen to reveal her story the way it was presented to me.

This is a controversial interpretation. There are severed heads featured as important characters. John the Baptists fate gets a new angle. There is a background story to the head the Temple Knights are referring to. Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had a deep understanding of the physical union between husband and wife. There were rituals performed that anchored their profound knowledge and high frequency in the sacred stones of the temple of Jerusalem. There are stones in France still vibrating her song.

"Rituals in Sacred Stones" is a big book about a big story featuring a powerful woman history has done it's best to bury under the stone floors of old cathedrals. But old stones don't forget. They are whispering that there is so much more to know, as historical facts, as intuitive visions and in the very juices of your own body.

Our DNA vibrates all of human history. The water we drink has circled through other bodies, other lifetimes, other cities in other countries in another era of human civilization. Every one of us vibrate the story of everybody else. There is so much knowledge to be found inside the cells that keep us alive every day. The same sun observes our evolution all the way back to green soup that carried all possibilities.