Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome to the new year.

Dear friends and readers. I am back in Chicago. Now without walking sticks and driving a car! I'm also ready to write more here and stay in touch with you.

The new year, 2010, has started. After the portals of 9/9, 10/10, 11/11 and 12/12 along with the solstice and the Mercury retrograde, I think we can say we all feel sufficiently bombarded by cosmic energy. The love bubble between 11/11 and 12/12 was a delight, and the Mercury reverse action brings out the worst in us. I had lovely days with the man I love, and have behaved like a shrew these last weeks. Anybody else?

But lightheartedness aside. We are in the last of times before the end of the world as we know it, to quote a famous song. We see it in the politics of this country, where issues are polarized to the extreme. The arguments have come to a point where the presidents statements seem clear and concise and pointed, sharp and beyond discussion. Whereas the comments from the opposing side seems full of lies, inane and not addressing the subject at hand. The extreme points are not just different in policies and opinion, it seems like they speak different languages, or send their messages through different frequencies. Have you experienced that? You're talking to someone and it feels like you are engaged in different conversations. The words you say tangent their planet and continue out at a different angle. And however much you try to understand what they mean, their statements don't make any sense to you in your framework.

Is this the situation of the have's and the havenot's? Is this what it means? That regular people seem to function according to different laws of physics, different value systems and communicate in different frequencies, even though they're standing in the same reality looking at the same scenery.
Is this what it means to coexist in different dimensions? It seems to be what is happening around us at the moment. This is a sign of the last days of time.

The twin flame of Yeshua and Mariam has returned to us. This represents the balanced relationship between male and female in its ideal form. This is the flame we all need to develop and welcome inside to become balanced individuals within. And it is the return of the proper values on the earth. Please welcome this concept back in our midst.

There is very little time left. The best gift we can give the world is to become a healthy happy human being. It's no small task. This means to go to work looking at what you carry with you. What national and racial issues reside within? Find your history. It's written in your DNA and it would help you if you knew what it is and what you're working with.

"Your biology is your biography."
- Caroline Myss.

This refers to what you carry from earlier generations. What did your ancestors experience and what did they do with it? How do these attitude show up in your life? Are you excusing them or working with them?

This is the work at hand. Clean up our DNA. According to scriptures, the sins of our forefathers are carried for seven generations. That means that for seven generations before us and seven generations after us we send our actions and attitudes out following time lines and successions of genetic material. This also means that when you identify a bad habit, maybe something you feel you inherited, and work to eradicate it out of your system, you are affecting 14 generations with your decision. This works across time and space. If you clean something out of your system, it will relieve your ancestor of their burden, and it will clear the head of the future ones. So the greatest work we can do is to clean up our own insides right now, right here. Listen to your own thought process and stop thoughts that are not supporting the progress of love in the world.

Oh, I can wax poetically ad nauseum about this, get all excited and feel that I'm doing a great job. And then I visit the relatives for the holidays. And I realize my own limitations, how bigoted I am on my own monastic island, and how little I understand of the love they're trying to show me. And I start all over again.

But this is the work. This is the understanding for 2010. Find out what you carry with you, what your frequency is broadcasting right out of the cell material of your body. What kind of walking television program are you showing as you move about in the world? Maybe you'd like to change the channel.

So what can you do?

The twin flame also refers to the relationship we establish between this world and the other side. And as this world is populated with many people of different origin and with different job descriptions and intentions, so is the other side. Everything is not angels or your sweet grandma. There are many levels of teachers, guides, and spirits floating about out there. They respond to frequency. So if you're vibrating with a whole collection of disgruntled ancestors, you will be communicating with entities who respond to that. If you vibrate on a cleaner octave, you show off a different sort of light combination and you will attract guides who can work with that. "Hey, your green is well developed. Come join our crew."

It is time to take responsibility for our relationship with our own frequency and what we attract to ourself. Bring up the light. Brighten up. Turn up the dimmers. Lift off the bushel and find your own candle glowing bright underneath. Have loving sex, what do we call it, make love, and create fireworks for the angels to enjoy. They love it when we create more love in the world.

So this is my pledge for the new year. I want to create more love in the world. I want to clear away negativity in my system, forgive my bitter and angry forefathers, and love all my difficult female relatives, past and future. That includes the nasty old aunts I knew who are now dead, the difficult old aunts I have to deal with now, my strict mother and impeccable mother in law, my cynical sophisticated daughter and my lovely grand daughters. It also includes the ancestral mothers who struggled through wars and famines and gave birth to dead children. They all live inside me. They all live in every cell of my body and I hear them speak in every embittered remark I make when I feel chided and not seen the way I see myself. I like to think of myself as loving and caring, and I shudder when I hear my own icy, metallic voice, cutting like a knife at the man I love, because he noticed that what I just said had no thread of love in it. I scream at him because he's right. And when I'm done yelling, I fall down in a chair like a punctured balloon, a useless piece of deflated rubber that has lost it's elasticity, and hear the echo from the walls calling out like my ancestors with the force of my own voice. I'm embarrassed as I see the frogs on the floor, the toads and reptiles, and not the cute Disney ones, but slimy yucky things that leave a shiny path of wet slime behind. They are the manifestation of what I have created in the room. My words have created garbage covering the floor.

It's time to find a broom. It's time to apologize. It's time to make amends, blame the Mercury in retrograde which makes us all show our worst sides, and own up to every ribbit squeal still lingering. It's time to call for our guides and angels and ask for better days, better advice, better choices in this new year.

The sun is shining. After ten inches of snow in Chicago and gloomy weather for weeks on end, there are sun rays reflecting blue on the surface of the snow. The sun clears my face as I sweep black dust out the door. The wind clears my brain. Did every ancestral scream get expressed? Did every frog find it's voice? Or maybe I don't need to feed flies of uncertainty and negativity to any more frogs. Maybe I can starve them out of existence by simply not giving them anything to feed on. My goal will be to live frog free. I'm tired of cleaning up slime from the floor.

I'll try to catch the flies before they feed a frog.