Tuesday, January 14, 2014

At the beginning of a new year.

Written on the first day of this new year, January 1st 2014.

This new year, this new day, feels like the bubbles of the champagne I drank last night bursting in sparkling units of new life bathed in love and joy. I have never experienced this level of a sense of NEWBORN at the beginning of a new year before.
The astrologers say we're in a rare alignment of many important planets forming a giant cross in the sky. We haven't had anything similar to this since the sixties. This is a generational occurrence giving gravitas to this auspicious moment.
What do I see? I saw myself, no, I see out of the eyes of the wounded king who raises his head to look out of the window at his frozen kingdom. As he looks out, the ice melts and the ships in the harbor of his city can move again. The frozen world bursts to life, commerce starts up and the city bubbles with culture and prosperity.
Then I see the places where I've been doing ceremonies. The circle at Contemplation Point lifts up from the ground and circles in the air spreading good intentions for new life.
The diamond at Rosehill lifts up and shakes new vibration into all the genetic material present there.
The globe in the center of Unity hangs there with all the geography, water and land visible, including the local weather patterns, receiving the well wishes from the congregation.
The city of Chicago is blanketed in fresh white, powdery snow saying HUSH HUSH, calming everything down, calming down an unruly child until he laughs and makes spitballs in excitement and joy.

An auspicious NEW YEAR indeed.

All through 2013 I felt as if I was in a holding pattern. All I started received a wait ..., wait for it ..., hold that thought ... . I haven't even written anything significant this year. I did publish the book though, after months of editing.

What do I see in 2014?

I see new possibilities, new opportunities coming to me. I see recognition, I see success. I see money coming my way. I see travels and meetings with important people.
I see myself bursting out of what I am now and into a whole new form of living.
I see myself writing the next big book and the next little book. And editing the play - and making them all into TV-shows and movies.

I see myself stay in L.A. for a while and then drive north ... to Eugene and visit my grand daughters. I see myself traveling in Norway ... and in Normandy, traveling alone to do research and to experience the book, the people, the places they walked and worked ... Nidaros, Achen, Rouen, Ireland.

The feeling of this new year is of a newborn baby's skin, soft glowing, bursting with potential life, still at peace and in no hurry to get into it all, just savoring the sensation of sunrise. This feeling, this sensation of being in the first day of a brand new year
is like being in meditation
living in a golden glow
hearing the sound of the UNIVERSE
feeling the heart of the COSMOS
beating steadily, lovingly
pulsing new life into creation

the flavor is peach in my mouth
with the color of peachy pink
surrounding me

The day is staring at me with
happy baby eyes, laughing at me
dressed in light yellow
on a soft pink background

There is no need to ask why this day feels so good. It doesn't need to explain itself. I just need to allow it to enfold me, surround me and give me this blissful feeling of that everything is good. All will unfold just the way it optimally will.
All I need to do right now is to enjoy and go with this new consciousness and allow myself to transcend.

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