Friday, September 23, 2011

Love is a force to be reckoned with.

The message of Jesus and Mary Magdalene was love. Jesus introduced the new age of the Pisces with a new logo; Love is a force in the universe. It put the previous belief system on its head. Social justice was being replaced with compassion, a radical view in his time.

It is still a radical view. We're still practicing the importance of social justice, even to the point of invading another sovereign country or suing for minor offences. Jesus taught forgiveness and inclusivity, but it seems like the people who announce their religious fervor the strongest are the least forgiving or inclusive. I'll let that be a case for their own conscience to consider.

The church has over time taught us that being meak and humble was a sign of love, only to use it to create good sheep for their flocks who were easier to control. Physical love was called sin to create an over reaching guilt over a natural need for closeness. This was a very effective way of taking the teachings of Christ, turning them upside down and establish the hegemony of the church.

Having studied the Cathars, the Gnostics and the early church, I've found that the true teachings of Christ and his main disciple who continued teaching after he left us, Mary Magdalene, taught love from a different perspective. They taught purity of body, mind and spirit, so that the love you sent out would be more powerful. They taught that physical love between husband and wife in the bridal chamber led to union with God. (Now, love is love, and husband and wife refers to male and female forces, which are present in any combination of lovers). They found that love sent out as a loving field would diffuse a conflict, would provide protection, would create a field of inclusion in a community.

We can talk about romantic love, forgiving love that turns the other cheek, paralyzing humility taught as love, parental love, love between friends, etc. All these topics deserve their own chapter. What Jesus talked about was different.
Together they taught the idea of Love as a forcefield in the Universe. Love is a forcefield we can tap into and send through ourselves and direct towards a situation. It does require humility, a loss of ego, and pure intentions, but once you get the mechanics, it's a force with great power.
Love becomes less personalized. You don't have to love the person or the situation, justifying why you love them, or even like them. You generate a field of love, because anything in creation is made of Gods love, and you need to infuse the situation with more of it. If you have a conflicted situation, it is because love has been removed from it, so to calm it down, you reintroduce it.

This is an active use of the force of love. It is not like romantic love or parental love, which acts upon you, or love in response to kindness. This is a way of establishing yourself in the field of love, knowing how it works and then utilizing it as forcefield in your surroundings.

I'd like to give you an example. I was standing at a trainstation in Chicago at 2am. There was a group of young men waiting for a train as well, and I positioned myself some distance from them. I am generally not afraid of people, but I have great respect for the effect of group mentality, so I looked in a different direction and found a more stable footing in my boots. One of the men came towards me and said something. He was so dark he almost disappeared in the night sky. His face told me he hadn't met much kindness in his life. I thought that this could turn into a not so good situation. What could I do? I smiled my most polite and welcoming smile as I turned towards him, still very much on the alert. He was perplexed and said, "Aren't you afraid of me?" This was my chance. I assembled all the love I could attract from my surroundings and showered him with it, as I said slowly and in my most reassuring and gentle voice, "No, I'm not afraid of you." I stood there, smiling and holding the lovefield, as I watched the other young men observe the situation. The young man in front of me was bewildered for a moment. Then he drank in the lovefield like a thirsty camel who had been in the desert for too long.
The train arrived. He sat down next to me and leaned his head on my shoulder. During the ride I managed to switch sides with him, so I sat on the aisle side. I waited until my stop, and left quickly to catch my corresponding train. On the next train, another passenger who had seen the entire passage of events said to me, "It was a brave thing you did there." I noticed that a couple of other men on board seemed to have observed what was going on as well. They were ready to intervene to prevent anything from happening, to protect the young man from doing something stupid and to protect me from a situation I possibly could not handle. I felt that I had stepped into a protection field I had no idea existed. All because I decided to respond with love instead of fear. And to my surprise, I discovered how powerful, inclusive and protective it was.

This entry is an introduction to a wide topic. In the following blog entries we will discuss how to infuse yourself in the existing field of love of creation, the laws of physics that govern this work and how to use human intent and imagination to wield the force.


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