Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Temple in the Mountain.

I just listened to an interview with Henry Lincoln from Rennes-le-Chateau on Andrew Gough's Arcadia website. Good to hear his voice again, I learned so much from him last summer.
On the same website, there are references to all sorts of interesting things with a ring of mystery to them, and clips from the movie "Bloodline". I have yet to see the movie, it hasn't made it to Chicago yet, but I seem to be stumbling into it quite often. On the snippets of the movie I got to watch, there is a reference to a temple hidden in the mountain of Rennes-le-Chateau. It probably predated Jesus by many hundreds of years, and was maybe created by the Jews of the first diaspora. This is said by people interviewed in the film.

While I was in France, visiting the Rennes-le-Chateu area, I had already researched LIncoln's material claiming there is a geomatric pattern in the landscape. There are five mountain tops surrounding a plateau with a tall hill in the center. The lines between the mountains make a pentagram, following the lines of Venus as she draws her beautiful patterns across the sky. I walked a lot, crisscrossing the land, eventually finding the hill and climbing it. The top of the hill is a meeting point for many lines in the landscape and seemed to have a strong, almost magnetic pull. I kept looking for signs of an entrance leading into the insides of the hill, which to me seemed hollow.
Was there ever a temple here? All trace of such a structure was gone. but I could sense something.

In my book, "Rituals in Sacred Stone", I write that Mary Magdalene and Jesus, Mariam and Yeshua, visited this temple and did a ritual according to ancient traditions with the priests and priestesses there. I must have written this while the movie was being filmed, but I certainly did not know of the interviews.
Henry Lincoln hinted at the many secrets this landscape held. I apparently stumbled upon a few of them.

My book comes out on this fall. I'll keep you posted. But my smaller religious/fantasy/mythological/imaginative book, is available in September. Check out my other blog for more.

Make note of the opening of the Lions Gate between July 22nd and August 12th.


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