Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 22nd, Feast day of Mary Magdalene.

Today is the dedicated day of Mary Magdalene. She is revered on this day by the Catholic, the Greek Orthodox, the Anglican and the Lutheran churches. Many churches will have a festival in her honor.

Up until 1969, Mary Magdalene was presented as a prostitute and portrayed as the perpetual penitent. There are numerous artwork made of her, more than many other prominent biblical figures, and for hundreds of years they all depicted her in deep repentance for her sins. To identify her, she is still accompanied by the skull, the alabaster jar or the book. Her image was used repeatedly to remind people to repent, or to prove that the priests, bishops and popes regretted their human frailties. In 1969 it was quietly announced by the Pope that she was not a prostitute, and should not be considered the same as the fallen woman described in a couple of sentences in the New Testament.

In Provence, every other church has her as their patron saint. She is revered as a wise teacher who knew the gospel of Christ and taught it to their people. The Cathars in the Languedoc area claimed that they were taught by Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, teaching as a team. They also claimed that they had been taught an esoteric secret, a powerful alchemical process perhaps?, something that would question the validity of the dogmas of the Catholic Church. For this knowledge they were killed in the most brutal genocide in modern history, next to the Holocaust. We still haven't found any proofs of the wisdom of the Cathars. There are numerous hints and suggestions, but people are still searching the ruins of their long gone opulent castles once filled with art, literature and music, profound religious practices and equally profound scientific investigations.

So we can honor her with candles, songs and flowers for our hair. We can read all we can find of new excellent research revealing more of her time frame, her culture and the legends she left behind. We can sit by a body of water and contemplate her mysteries.

Why is she called the mistress of water in Aquitania? Why does she hold up a red egg in many depictions? Why are the churches dedicated to her placed on top of older holy sites dedicated to ancient goddesses, always with a well close by? Why is the water considered healing in certain places, and not in others? Is there a way to change the quality of water so that it causes a change in frequencies in the bodies that it touches?

The mystery schools are gone. So much knowledge is lost. So much knowledge has been systematically eliminated from the collective human mind.

My body is made of water. Water flows, runs, mixes, evaporates, rains, has been consumed and eliminated by people through millennium. Somewhere in the annals of time, the water that composes me, must have touched her world.
I need to go inwards. I need to find that molecule that holds the wisdom contained in a hydrogen and oxygen combination. Through my intuition, I should be able to unlock the code.

The water molecule opened up to a different world. The minute sphere of a molecule, became the size of a planet. I stepped into a glass bubble of new possiblities, where different laws of physics rule. In a frequency of a higher caliber, everything vibrates differently and takes on a different meaning. A multicolored light is bathing this world, love in its purest expression. The dimensions are open here. You can easily walk between the world of the angels and the world of humans. Enjoy the forests and waterfalls as a human, and enjoy timeless travel and instant information coded in light, as an angel. Enjoy the loving union possible between humans, combined with the energy flows created by an angel, and experience the sublime multicolored light inside your own body. Let it ignite the three points inside your head, and sense the waterfall of soma, the libation of the gods, flowing to every cell of your divine humanity.

Wishing you love and light on this auspicious day,

Please check out the blog of my fellow researcher Joan Norton, author of "The Mary Magdalene Within".
There is a link there to an incredible crop circle which appeared today.
Heaven and Earth are truly celebrating.


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