Thursday, November 20, 2008

I was recently told that we're in a special portal of time where we communicate easier with the higher powers. It's a portal where it's important to acknowledge our close relationship and allow them to speak to us. "Please grab a pencil and some paper and write down their message". With a twinge of scepticism, I can't deny it, I'm not of the mushy kind, I gathered what I needed and sat down.

They were so gentle. Speaking to me the way I address a small child, "Hello, little one". Most of what they said was acknowledgements of the journey I've already traveled. And some lovely encouragement of where I'm going. Where we all are going. They're telling us that the balance has shifted. Light is winning over dark. They can see it from their level, and they're thanking us for our dedicated work. It's quite colorful, especially when we create our own internal fireworks.

My first book out is about healing. We need to elevate the understanding of our bodies, evolve the language of sensuality, and bring our lovemaking to the level of sanctity. Sexuality has to return to the Temples for the global healing to take place. There is so much healing waiting to happen in this enormous field of understanding. And there are so many good people, wanting to show their love for the Divine in the Human and the Human in the Divine, working to heal the planet we live on.

I just discovered this beautiful book that is dedicated to bring this change about. Our bedrooms need to become our sanctuaries. Our holy places need to include our most universal body language. Right now it is offered with many extra bonuses, which are worth checking out. Here's the link:

My friend Lakshmi gets the credit for this one. The book is written by Kamala Devi and Baba Dez Nichols and called "Sacred Sexual Healing; The Shaman Method of Sex Magic". The balance we're working towards is coming towards us, the new expression of the masculine and feminine in their divine form is becoming tangible.

This is what the gods wanted me to continue to promote. This is my work, whether I'm writing fairytales for grownups, historical novels or plays. The God and Goddess are finding each other. They're flirting in the forest at this point. We still need to ready the garden for them.


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